• A wellbeing and mental health Community Interest Company providing access to physical and creative activities that support people to find ways to wellbeing and achieve overall positive mental health. Providing mental health support to young people and adults in community setting.
  • Low level mental health support working to the methodology of social pedagogy. Which is about understanding that Wellbeing and Happiness is individual and through a holistic learning process in life we are able to support the individual to reach their own potential, empowering them to take ownership of their life through positive experiences
  • Anyone struggling with their mental health, those not seeking professional NHS interventions or not meeting the criteria for NHS interventions will be supported to do gentle physical exercises such as walking, creative arts, gentle body movement, breathing and mindfulness.
  • Activities are the catalyst to get individuals to talk about their mental health and through regular contact we talk and demonstrate the positive benefits of activities to embed from an early age, behaviour that helps to reduce recurrence of mental health disorders.
  • Our work supports individuals to modify their behaviour and equips individuals to strengthen coping mechanisms to support them further.

Social Pedagogy is about working with Head, Heart and Hands.

Head – Embracing knowledge and educating

Heart – Emotional and spiritual learning – reflection of one’s own practice, emotions and judgements

Hand – Practical and physical skills to guide individuals to help themselves and cooperate with others in making decisions